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Bootstrap 4 responsive HTML & LARAVEL admin template with Black & white versions

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White Scheme Layout

Not Always, But also when required

Dashboards make it heavy by combining all at once which makes bad in quality.

Here comes with two dashboards promoting the quality and fast in response. It is hidden always and comes up only when required.

Skins are avalibale and it can be choosen accordingly by the requirement.

Black Scheme Layout

Not everyone likes the same. Then try for many! Skin colors of header and side bar can be changed by adjusting in the settings option with various skin colors.

Sidebar and header is associated with black scheme and acts as required.

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Fixed Header Layout(White)

Header can also be viewed in white color which can be fixed as the page scrolled on by adjusting.

The Layout settings and the header can also be made disappear by disabling the option of fixed header. The layout can be managed as per the requirement.

Compact Layout

Admire is designed simple and user friendly. Toggle button unfolds the options with description and folds with icons. Therefore toggling option makes the template neat and compact.

The sidebar can be toggled and it displays only icons and creates a simplified page

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Fixed Header layout (Black)

fixed header layout black

Black colored header, can be fixed by turning on the Layout settings with fixed header and can be changed by turning off the layout settings.Header can also be moved by turning off the fixed header option at the right top of the page.

Fixed Sidebar Layout(White)

Sidebar has clearly visible white color layout, when required it can be maintained as fixed by handling the menu settings at right top of the page.

It is also available with free moving sidebar and can be applied whenever desired.

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Fixed Sidebar Layout(black)

Sidebar has attractive black layout and it can be fixed when required by fixing it in the fixed menu settings which is present on the right top of the page.

The sidebar can also made moving by turning off the option of fixed menu.

Fixed Header & Sidebar Layout(White)

White layout sidebar and header can be fixed simultaneously whenever it is required to use both sidebar and header at a time.

These settings can be handled by the settings option at the top right side of the page.

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Fixed Header & Sidebar Layout(black)

Black layout sidebar and header can both be fixed particularly whenever there is a use of both header and sidebar.

The header and sidebar can be made moving by changing the settings.


Best Admin Template you can get!!!


Admire- responsive bootstrap 4 admin template provides well organised folder structure,
clean & commented code, flexible and easy to get started

+   2 Dashboards

+   3 UI Widgets

+   Multiple Navbar Options

+   16 different Skin Colors

+   Bootstrap Cards

+   Card Options

+   770+ UI components & Options

+   Three Different Icons

+   Three Different Notifications

+   Image Cropper

+   Basic & Advance Form Inputs

+   Form Layouts

+   Form Wizard

+   Form Editors

+   Ratings

+   Bootstrap Tables

+   DataTables

+   JS Tree

+   Date & Time Pickers

+   Event Calendars

+   Different Galleries

+   Email Functionalities

+   4 Chart Libraries

+   Google Maps & Vector Maps

+   Organized Folder Structure

+   Clean & Commented Code

+   SASS Support

+   Cross Browser Compatibility

+   Well Documented

+   And Much More...

Interested? What are you waiting for?